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Human trafficking is the only area of transnational crime in which women are significantly represented – as victims, perpetrators, and as activists seeking to combat this crime.

– Louise Shelley, Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective

In the introduction to Louise Shelley’s extensively researched book, Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective, she highlights the distinct nature of human trafficking compared to other international criminal systems. Women are enslaving human trafficking victims around the world, and women themselves are being enslaved. But women are also among the vanguard battling this growing problem.

You can find more information about Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective and other books related to slavery and human trafficking on either the Non-fiction books page, or the Reference books page.

I’m reading A Crime So Monstrous by E. Benjamin Skinner.  Skinner visited Haiti to investigate human trafficking.  He wrote that one could “successfully bargain a human being down to the price of cab fare to JFK.”  The seller was offering to find him a 13 year old girl, maybe younger, to take back to the US for housecleaning work, and even as a sex partner. 

On one hand, I would prefer not to know that kids are able to be bought, and so cheaply.  But this is stuff I’m choosing to find out.  Why? As I’m learning more about human trafficking, I’m realizing that my consumer choices have an impact on slavery in places like Haiti.  My chocolate, my clothing, my coffee, my smart phone, my computer, the cleaning service, and more.  When I spend based on price and brand alone, without regard to the labor and raw material purchasing policies of the companies that produce my stuff, I give those companies an incentive to use slave labor to keep their prices low.  At the very least, those companies don’t have an incentive to carefully monitor the sources of labor and raw materials for their products. Reading a book like Skinner’s helps me be a more responsible consumer and a more compassionate person.

Skinner’s book and others related to human trafficking are listed on the Non-fiction books page.

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Are you looking for books related to human trafficking, modern slavery, sex trafficking, bonded labor, and other related issues? I updated the “Books on Slavery and Human Trafficking” page to add two things:

NotForSale    Ending Slavery   River of Innocents

  1. Images of the books, because…. hey, we all like pictures, right?
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It can be overwhelming to read about human trafficking.  You can be paralyzed by the enormity of suffering and evil.  However, would it surprise you to know that a common theme in many of these books is HOPE?  These authors will tell you there is hope that slavery really will be history. Read the stories of people that are dedicating their lives to fighting the problem. Many of their accounts remind us that there is a God who cares about the suffering that oppressed victims endure.  You may find that you’ll begin to share their hope that the war against slavery is capable of being won within our generation.

My 1st request… if you’ve read any of the books in my list, please leave a comment on the “Have you read these books?” page and give your opinion of the book.  Yes! Release the inner NY Times book reviewer in you!  People are much more likely to buy a book when they’ve heard a genuine recommendation from someone like you.  (Full disclosure… I don’t make any money from the sale of the books or by anyone clicking on the links… I just want to connect people with helpful resources.)

And my 2nd request… if you know of any good books on modern slavery, human trafficking, sex trafficking, bonded labor, and related topics, let me know so I can include them in the list.

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