Sands of SilenceChelo Alvarez-Stehle has produced a documentary on slavery in the form of human sex trafficking. Here’s the description from the film’s website:

“In Sands of Silence, a 15-year quest to expose the underworld of sex trafficking from Asia to the Americas leads journalist Chelo Alvarez-Stehle back to the windswept beach where her childhood ended and family secrets began. Documenting the transformation of young women in Mexico and Nepal from powerless victims to resilient survivors and passionate advocates, Chelo undertakes a parallel journey toward personal healing and family reconciliation.

An intimate story about an endemic problem, Sands of Silence celebrates the triumph of the spirit with a call to action to break the chains of sexual exploitation worldwide.”

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  1. freedomdolls14 says:

    PS I have a download of the original promo for the Sands of Silence film project. If you msg me I will send you a link to download 🙂

  2. freedomdolls14 says:

    Hey Carl. Thanks for this reminder. I remember this film being promoted back in 2009 and wondered whether it had ever been completed. The last thing I knew Chelo had invested about 145,000 of her own money into this and was raising the rest through Indiegogo I think. What I am VERY interested in is the SOS [Slaves of System] interactive video game that was being produced at the same time. Do you know if this was completed or released. It would be a perfect school add on tool for our training programme at Freedom Dolls Initiative [FDi].
    Keep up with the blog koumbare [friend] and kudos to you for the part you are playing in our fight for freedom from slavery.

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