Will the murder of a human rights and child labor activist be investigated?

Posted: August 6, 2012 in human trafficking










Human rights and child labor activist Akromhodzha Muhitdinov was murdered on July 25 in Uzbekistan, according to uznews.net. I first learned about Muhitdinov’s death through The Cotton Campaign. Akromhodzha Muhitdinov has been an advocate for poor farmers and child laborers in Uzbekistan. The Uzbek cotton industry has been criticized for using forced and child labor. Muhitdinov was a vocal opponent of these practices, as well as an advocate for human rights on other issues. I express my sympathy to Mukitdinov’s family, friends, and co-advocates in Uzbekistan. Apparently, Muhitdinov was beaten and stabbed by those he has spoken against, so it appears to be a direct retaliation for his human rights stance, as well as a threat to others who would speak out against injustice. The murder occurred in front of numerous witnesses, but it remains to be seen if authorities will investigate the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice. I’m personally touched by the death of this man, because he was on the front lines of the fight against forced and child labor. Would I have the courage to speak up on this blog if bloggers were being killed for opposing forced and child labor?

If you find out more details about the investigation of this crime, or the response of western nations, or if you have a personal response to this incident, please leave a comment.



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