Are you a REBBL against Slavery?

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Fair Trade, human trafficking, modern slavery, Not For Sale
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You can fight slavery by helping to launch a sustainable business. Not For Sale is launching a beverage company to assist in its mission of ending modern-day slavery. The business is herbal tea. The product is REBBL, which stands for “Roots, Extracts, Berries, Bark and Leaves.” It makes so much sense. The root cause of slavery is poverty. When people are extremely poor, they are vulnerable to human trafficking. REBBL will build the economy and create jobs where human trafficking is occurring. The company will start sourcing ingredients in Peru, establishing sustainable practices and working directly with the communities affected by human trafficking to partner with them to fight slavery in their own villlages.

REBBL plans to begin distribution nationally in stores late this fall. Here’s where it gets very exciting, because you can help!

  • DONATE  – This is a grassroots campaign.  Not For Sale is looking for small donors like you and me to launch this company.  Click here on to put your pocketbook behind REBBL.
  • BUZZ – Get the word out. You can tweet, like, share, repost this, whatever. There’s a video on with lots more info. Take a look and spread the word!
  • DRINK – Buy REBBL when you see it on the shelves, and share it with friends. You’re supporting a healthy, community-linked, sustainable business that fights the poverty, the root cause of slavery, in the Peruvian Amazon.

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