Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and it’s got me thinking and reading about the issue more than usual.  I found an excellent site with FAQs about Human Trafficking, and it’s worth checking out.  However, I had another thought regarding the FAQs of a trafficking victim.  I don’t know because I’m not a victim of human trafficking, but I strongly suspect that the frequently asked questions of slavery victims are quite different than the questions from most of us seeking information about this topic.  My intent is not to be disrespectful to victims in my ignorance, or even overly dramatic. But I do hope to provoke thought.  Naturally, I don’t attempt to offer answers at this point.

These are my guesses, and please click here to add your own guesses at victim FAQs:

  • Will I be beaten (by the men who rape me) tonight?
  • Will my children ever be able to go to school?
  • How come God never seems to hear me?
  • If I try to escape, will they kill my family?
  • How can I get enough johns to avoid getting beaten by <insert pimp’s name>?
  • Am I going to get AIDS from this guy?

As I mentioned above, here is a link for the site that prompted my post

Please leave a comment with your reactions or your own guesses at victim FAQs.

  1. Hey Michal, great site [mentioned in the Michal O comment below]! Im a student here in DC and I’ve got a group together at GMU called DONE that engages [the fight against] in human trafficking and I just wanted to say keep up the good work. Your site looks alot like mine and it really helps to connect people with the info regarding this issue. Awesome.

    Carl’s note: This comment was edited for clarity

    • hongluong72 says:

      I am a volunteer for CAMSA and I just started a chapter to promote awareness for human trafficking in Asia. We were at GMU law school to speak about CAMSA work. GMU has a human trafficking class!! It’s amazing to have so many awareness in DC for human trafficking. I just created a blog on WP too and hope to meet other passionate people!

  2. Michal O says:

    Hello i would like to share with you a documentrie about child sex trafficking i am tring to make
    i already have a short prommo done and i am tring to fund raise some money using indiegogo to complete it and bring pepole awarness about this issue
    please follow my indiegogo page

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