I have 56 slaves working for me!

Posted: December 21, 2011 in human trafficking

I found a website called My Slavery Footprint which gathers some basic information about my household, and does an estimated calculation of how many slaves are involved in supporting my lifestyle.  In other words, based on the size of my house and family, the things we use and buy, electronics, clothing, cars, etc, it comes up with a rough estimate of my slavery requirements.

Unfortunately, my estimated number is


slaves that are working to support the way I live.   Ouch.  The good news is that it helps bring home the fact that my choices and consumption are directly impacting modern slavery.  The coffee I buy, the chocolate I buy, the clothing I buy, etc.  I have some decisions to make and actions to take.

As a start, I’ve downloaded the “Fair Trade Finder” app for my phone from Fair Trade USA, which will help me find Fair Trade Certified products, and allow me to inform others nearby when I find Fair Trade Products.  Fair Trade products support environmental and labor policies where the raw materials for our consumer goods are grown, raised, and mined.

An additional first step is that I’ve committed to only buy fair trade certified coffee beans, will attempt to find fair trade sources of coffee to drink when I’m out, and will ask for fair trade coffee when ordering coffee at shops and restaurants.



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