Chocolate and Slavery

Posted: December 20, 2011 in chocolate, modern slavery
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I love chocolate.  I hate slavery.  But I love chocolate.  I’m struggling with the knowledge that many of the biggest companies that sell chocolate in the US are not doing a very good job of making sure their West African cocoa suppliers don’t use slave labor.  When I buy chocolate from Nestle, Mars, Hershey, and Kraft, there’s a good chance that my enjoyment of cheap chocolate is contributing to the enslavement of workers in Cote d’Ivoire.   Here are a few web sites I found disturbing and informative.  I’m going to start actively looking for fair trade chocolate and chocolate from companies that are transparent about the labor practices of their suppliers.

Chocolate and Child Slavery

The Cocoa Campaign

A Scorecard for Buying Chocolate

Stop Chocolate Slavery

Slave Free Chocolate   (and info about US and International efforts to stop chocolate slavery)

There’s a movie I haven’t had a chance to see, but I’ve heard a lot about.  The Dark Side of Chocolate

  1. brian pionke says:

    Why can’t I find out any information on World’s Finest Chocolate, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois?

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