Hey Book Person!  Welcome to the Human Trafficking blog.

Are you looking for books related to human trafficking, modern slavery, sex trafficking, bonded labor, and other related issues? I updated the “Books on Slavery and Human Trafficking” page to add two things:

NotForSale    Ending Slavery   River of Innocents

  1. Images of the books, because…. hey, we all like pictures, right?
  2. Links where you can purchase each of the books.  (I’ve included different book sites so they’re not all just links to Amazon or whatever.)

It can be overwhelming to read about human trafficking.  You can be paralyzed by the enormity of suffering and evil.  However, would it surprise you to know that a common theme in many of these books is HOPE?  These authors will tell you there is hope that slavery really will be history. Read the stories of people that are dedicating their lives to fighting the problem. Many of their accounts remind us that there is a God who cares about the suffering that oppressed victims endure.  You may find that you’ll begin to share their hope that the war against slavery is capable of being won within our generation.

My 1st request… if you’ve read any of the books in my list, please leave a comment on the “Have you read these books?” page and give your opinion of the book.  Yes! Release the inner NY Times book reviewer in you!  People are much more likely to buy a book when they’ve heard a genuine recommendation from someone like you.  (Full disclosure… I don’t make any money from the sale of the books or by anyone clicking on the links… I just want to connect people with helpful resources.)

And my 2nd request… if you know of any good books on modern slavery, human trafficking, sex trafficking, bonded labor, and related topics, let me know so I can include them in the list.

Thanks for visiting!  Click on the “Books on Slavery and Human Trafficking” link at the top of the page


  1. Carl says:

    Hi Naomi,
    Thanks for your comment and your link to the article about HT in Canada. I left a comment there with my question about the article’s statement that human trafficking is the 2nd most lucrative criminal enterprise. I wonder if that’s due to more recent research, or a different interpretation of the data, or a regional issue, or what. I quoted Victor Malarek from “The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade” where he states that human trafficking is third, behind illegal weapons and drugs. So I’ll be interested to find out more about the source of your information, and perhaps update my entry with more recent analysis.

    Do you know of any NGO’s specifically focused on human trafficking in Canada? I’m posting links to organizations that are targeting HT in particular countries so that people who are interested in joining forces in a particular area can have a place to start looking.


  2. Naomi says:

    Hi! We seem to share a common interest in defending human rights. We are also trying to raise awareness on human trafficking in Canada and in the world in general. “traffickers target Canada as both a destination and transit point to the US. RCMP (Carl’s note: That’s “Royal Canadian Mounted Police” for any typical Americans like me that had to Wikipedia “RCMP”) estimates suggest approximately 2000 people are trafficked from Canada to the US. every year” You might be interested in checking out this article: http://stockthewarehouse.org/flashpoint-world-affairs/foreign-policy/296-human-trafficking-incanada.html Let us know what you think and please reach out to us if you have ideas or if you would like to write an article. We are a socially aware lifestyle magazine, feel free to send a note through the website.

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