How do you free 27 million slaves? One at a time…

Posted: June 18, 2008 in forced prostitution, human trafficking
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Bringing light to women and children in Bangkok

Bringing light to women and children in Bangkok

My friend Don referred me to this article on Breakpoint, which mentions NightLight Bangkok, also highlighted earlier on this blog.  It turns out that NightLight Bangkok seems to have started as a beauty shop for prostitutes, where caring former prostitutes can hear the heartbreaking stories of girls currently in the trade, and help them to find ways out. 

If we’re going to free 27 million slaves, each one of them is going to have to be rescued, helped, loved, protected, and empowered for a new life.  Articles like the one in Breakpoint spread the news, and groups like NightLight Bangkok do the work.

If you know of articles or books related to human trafficking and modern slavery, please leave comments here and I’ll try to review them and post links.  Thanks Don!

  1. Kelly Master says:

    Kelly Master @ Dining for Dignity is standing against human trafficking. and Facebook Once a month human trafficking awareness and heavy hitting the social media. Strip Club outreach was launched recently and a conference is in the works. Would love to have you check us out.

  2. How many kicks did I get…

    I have delighted in your previous posts, but this one is not your top work….

  3. Check out this major bust in the U.S., hundreds of illegal aliens being trafficked in the hotel industry!

  4. Hi Carl,

    River of Innocents may also be a useful resource, though it isn’t as well-known as Kevin’s Disposable People.

    River is a modern-day Uncle Tom’s Cabin, written to be powerful but accessible. Take a look at the site (linked above) for more information, and good luck.

    Have a great day,

    Terry Lee Wright

  5. Carl says:


    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and tell me about your site. I’ve heard of your “Disposable People” book before, but haven’t made the time to read it yet. I will definitely do so now! 🙂 I’m going to add a link to your organization, put an entry in the blog about it to try to spread the word further, and also start a BOOKS page to begin listing books such as yours.

    Thanks again for the recommendations!


  6. Kevin Bales says:

    Carl – thanks for your post. You are so right, 27 million needing rescue, and all of us are needed to make that happen. You asked about books and articles – first I would recommend a look at our website: The 10 minute film you can watch on-line “Slavery 101” gives a great introduction.

    My book Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy is where the estimate of 27 million comes from, it sets out the shape and size of slavery around the world. But more importantly, and to answer your question – last September we published Ending Slavery: How We Free Today’s Slaves, this book is a 25 year plan for the complete eradication of global slavery. You will be surprized at how possible ending slavery really is.

    I’m also rather proud of our new 30 minute film about slavery in America today – it is called Dreams Die Hard, and it just won the Grand Prize at the Telluride Film Festival. You can watch it on-line at our website, or order a DVD copy.

    For Freedom!
    Kevin Bales

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