Going to the Olympics? So are Human Traffickers…

Posted: May 19, 2008 in forced prostitution, human trafficking
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The Olympics, The World Cup, and other grand-scale sporting events are magnets for human traffickersStop Trafficking Newsletter because of the enormous international tourist populations who travel to attend.  The May 2008 Issue of the Stop Trafficking Newsletter highlights problems of Human Trafficking connected with the Olympics. The Stop Trafficking Newsletter is an excellent monthly source of information about Human Trafficking, both in the US and internationally.    Read the May 2008 issue, or visit the main site to see archived issues.  You may contact the author of the newsletter to join the mailing list and get the monthly updates directly.  Highly recommended!

Carl’s Note (6/8/2009) – Some estimates prior to the 2006 World Cup predicted that as many as 40,000 victims of human trafficking would be brought to Germany to provide a ready supply of sex workers for the influx of tourists and football fans.  This estimate is contradicted, or at least not supported, by a report provided by IOM (International Organization for Migration).  According to the IOM report, Research on Human Trafficking and the 2006 World Cup in Germany, “All data, information and experts’ statements that are available to date strongly indicate that an increase in human trafficking, during and after the World Cup did not occur (my emphasis).  It was concluded that the 40,000 estimate was unfounded and unrealistic.”  I don’t think this quote means that major international events like the World Cup don’t have any effect on human trafficking.  Rather, I think that it merely means that there were no statistics to indicate a particular increase in human trafficking in Germany immediately around the time of the World Cup, and that this is probably due to many reasons, including a well-documented, significant effort by Germany to combat and detect human trafficking in conjunction  with the Cup.  South Africa can learn from Germany’s example, but it will remain to be seen if the South African government has the resources and will to fight HT in 2010 as Germany did in 2006.


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